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    Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel

    • 2 min read

    Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel


    Every artist with at least one record out has a YouTube channel. Building a community of loyal subscribers is just as crucial as increasing your Instagram following, though it may prove more difficult. Below, we’ll cover a few steps you can take to promote your channel and boost visibility. 


    Using Correct SEO

    In past tip blogs, we’ve emphasized the importance of great SEO and effective keywords. This is vital for getting eyes on your YouTube channel. Finding Google-friendly keywords for your videos can be done by searching for one of your keyword options, choosing keywords that suit your content, and adding words like “tutorial” and “how-to” to your titles and description. 


    Interacting With Subscribers

    Maintaining a genuine following is the key to YouTube success. Subscribers want to know that they can engage with you regarding your new music or content. They want to feel that you are an authentic person to whom they can relate to. Therefore, responding to comments can create dialogue and keep viewers coming back for more. Even responding to negative comments in a tasteful manner can show your ability to conduct discussion in a meaningful way.


    Converting Your IG Following To YouTube Subscribers

    Moving your Instagram followers over to your YouTube channel is simply a matter of letting them know that it exists. By now, we all know that the Instagram algorithm only shows your content to a percentage of your followers. Therefore, sending out a message to all of your followers informing them of your channel and new uploads can let those who may have missed your content on their news feed be made aware of it. Making posts frequently on your Instagram page and placing your YouTube link in your bio are also compelling but may not be enough.


    Collaborating With Other Channels

    Reaching out to other creators and cross-promoting is a sure way to promote your YouTube channel. If you are an artist with only 100 subscribers, teaming up with a YouTube channel that produces reaction videos or music reviews is an excellent way for users to get to know your content, especially if the channel you team up with has a large following. 


    As you know, these are not the only ways to promote your YouTube channel. A quick Google search can yield many more results. However, following these tips are fail-proof ways to get your channel noticed and subscribers up.


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