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    What NOT To Do; Recording Studio No-No's For New Artists

    • 2 min read

    What NOT To Do; Recording Studio No-No's For New Artists


    Stepping into the recording studio for the first time is an exciting experience. Artists are usually eager to share this with their friends and social media followers. While we are ecstatic for you to hit the booth for the very first time, we want to make sure that you are prepared and practicing proper studio behavior.


    Below are a few studio etiquette tips that you should always follow.


    Don't Bring Friends To Another Artist's Session

    Artists take their craft extremely seriously. When you are coming as a guest to another musician's recording session, never bring anyone along with you without gaining permission first. Recording in the studio costs money, and no one wants their session wasted with loud visitors that they didn't welcome to the session to begin with. Remember, the studio session is a musician's place of work. Be courteous.


    Be Prepared

    Never show up to your studio session unprepared, especially when working with experienced artists, producers, and engineers who arrive ready to work. Have a clear idea of what your session is for. Are you here to mix and master pre-recorded music? Are you here to record a new song from scratch? Are you here to create a beat? Having a plan already mapped out will ensure that you do not waste anyone's time. 


    Be Respectful To Everyone

    While this should go without saying, please be respectful to everyone present. Some artists can develop a big head, primarily if they have recently scored their first viral single or hit record. Nevertheless, that does not give anyone the right to mistreat the janitors there to keep the studio clean or the assistants who meet the artist's needs while they work. 


    No Photos Without Permission

    Shooting photos or videos in the studio is excellent content for artists to post on their platforms. However, always make sure that you get permission to do so first. Many studios have a no-camera policy in place, so you want to assure that you don't find yourself snapping pics if this is against the rules. 


    Don't Touch Equipment You Aren't Familiar With

    Studio equipment can be highly costly, and repairing it or replacing it can cost even more. Do not touch any equipment that you are not familiar with. Tampering with recording devices and soundboards can ruin an entire session if you throw something off. 


    Just because you may be a rookie to the music game doesn't mean you have to be portrayed as one. Basic studio etiquette can save you a lot of embarrassment and possibly money.


    Happy recording!


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