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    What to Know Before Becoming a Music Manager

    • 2 min read

    What to Know Before Becoming a Music Manager


    Being a manager to an artist is a big responsibility. No matter what type of manager you aim to be, you will be responsible for operating an artist's career. Before becoming a manager, there are several things you need to consider because a lack of knowledge and preparation could lead to you failing as a manager and hurting your act's career.

    What Type of Manager Are You?

    Music managers usually fall in one of these categories: personal/music manager, tour manager, and business manager. 

    The personal/music manager is in charge of the artist's day-to-day operations. A business manager is responsible for managing the artist's finances, whereas tour managers oversee the success of the artist's shows.

    Do You Have the Proper Education?

    Have you taken any business classes? Have you participated in any management development workshops? If not, you should. No matter what type of manager you'd like to be, you'll need some management knowledge. It may benefit you to invest in a few leadership courses at your local community college. Many schools now offer online certificate programs centered around business. Consider the NYU Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music Music Industry Essentials Course.

    Do You Have Connections?

    Are you well connected in the music industry? Do you have a relationship with A&R's, music execs, bloggers, media outlets, etc.? If not, it may be extremely hard for you to help your artist. Before you begin to take on clients, make your mark in the industry. Go to music events, network, and connect with people who can ultimately assist the clients you take on.

    Do You Have Time?

    Managing an artist takes an extensive amount of time. It means traveling, scheduling, and many days away from your family. Be realistic with yourself about whether or not you can make this commitment. If not, allow the musician to find management with someone who can better accommodate them.

    Have You Created a Music Management Company?

    Our Music Funding Program teaches participants how to properly obtain an LLC for their music company. If managing artists is your thing, then you should legitimize it. Create a management company with a professionally made website. Be sure to speak with a tax expert to ensure you correctly pay your taxes. While this can be intimidating, many tax credits exist for business owners that can help you recoup some of the funds you spend managing your artist. 

    Here at Viral Media Boost, we want the best for you. This means being the best manager you can be to your rising artists. Consider joining our Music Funding Program if you need some guidance on getting started. 

    Best of luck, future managers!