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    When Should Artists Hire a Lawyer?

    • 1 min read

    When Should Artists Hire a Lawyer?


    Indie artists may not think they need an attorney since they are not signed to a major label. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Several situations warrant hiring a lawyer.


    Before Signing a Record Contract

    If a record label is looking to sign you, immediately retain a lawyer to break down what you are signing. 


    Copyright Issues

    Copyright law is extremely confusing, especially for artists who use samples in their music. A good lawyer specializing in this can save you a world of headaches. There is a high probability that a fellow artist will come after you for wrongly sampling their music. You want to be sure you have an attorney to fight this battle for you. 


    When Trying to Get Out Of a Contract

    Many artists make the mistake of getting into a bad contract early in their careers. This is usually for monetary reasons. Some musicians sign record contracts solely for the advance because they are in a financial bind. However, as time goes on, many realize that they are getting jerked over and want out of the deal. The problem is most labels will not let an artist go easily. This is why a lawyer is vital for getting you out of your contract.


    Before you run into any of these issues, it won’t hurt to consult with a lawyer and go over the potential problems you may encounter. It’ll help you greatly in the long run.