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    When to Decline a Brand Opportunity Even If the Money Is Good

    • 2 min read

    When to Decline a Brand Opportunity Even If the Money Is Good


    As your followers grow, brands will reach out to you to help promote their goods. Many brands are willing to pay top dollar for influencers to help drive their sales. While this is a great side hustle for artists, there will be opportunities that should be passed on.

    We know that we always speak about the importance of having multiple income streams, but there are some instances when all money is not good money. Today, we’ll go over a few instances when you should respectfully decline to work with a brand.

    Bad reputation

    Before saying yes to working with any brand or company, always research them. Find customer or client reviews. Speak with people who have purchased goods or services from them. If you find that they have a reputation for ripping off consumers or not fully delivering on their products, you probably shouldn’t affiliate yourself with them. Remember, you are also building your own brand. So you do not want to align yourself with anything that could appear sketchy. 

    Also, speak with other influencers or artists who have worked with the brand. Find out what their experience was concerning compensation and transparency.

    Not willing to sign a contract  

    While Cash App and PayPal will suffice for the occasional promo post on Instagram, this is not a best practice when establishing a relationship with a brand. If a company is unwilling to issue a formal contract, you may want to pass on the opportunity. A written agreement can guarantee action if you are not compensated properly. Most reputable brands will be more than willing to do business with a contract.

    Inconsistent communication 

    If your communication with the brand has been spotty, that’s never a good sign. If you cannot get answers to simple questions, you’ll probably want to pass up on them. This could indicate how they do business, which means questions about payment or product detail could go unanswered. 


    We want you to get your money, but always remember that there is nothing wrong with being selective. You do not want your name to suffer because of who you choose to do business with. You can always depend solely on your own brand to bring in money. Let us teach you with our Music Funding Program!