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    Why Should I Go for An Audio Interface Instead of a USB Mic for My Home Music Studio?

    • 2 min read

    Why Should I Go for An Audio Interface Instead of a USB Mic for My Home Music Studio?

    Let’s say you just bought a USB microphone, and before you start enjoying it, you hear your friends recommending the audio interface microphone. You are thrown into confusion, not knowing which is best for your home studio.

    All that the audio interface does is that it converts the analog signal coming from the XLR microphone into a digital signal so it can deliver to your computer. The XLR comes with a capsule that is similar to the USB mic. They use a balanced cable. At the same time, the USB microphones have an audio interface built into them.


    Because of the quality that the audio interface produces, it is relatively costlier than the USB mic. Talking about quality, the Audio Interface has a way to convert the waves to digital information. It has a dedicated microphone and also a separate audio interface to give higher quality. The USB mic does not do this hence the reason for its poor-quality sound compared to the audio interface.

    Why Use the Audio Interface

    The Audio Interface is easier to work within a home studio; you can plug it in and then control every other aspect with your fingertips; the volume, the gain, all of these can be controlled using your fingertips.

    However, the USB mic does not come with such ease of use. It takes more time to control using your DAW software. You may want to correct some settings in your sound settings before setting off.

    These two mics depend on the application you want to use them for; if you have to record many instruments, you will need the Audio Interface Mic. But if you have a mic for a podcast or recording for your YouTube channel, then the USB mic will work just fine.

    As an artist recording from home, you will want to produce good quality for your fans listening to your music; you will not want any part of the music left out. Hence the Audio Interface Mic is the best bet for your home studio.

    Having an audio interface will give you more recording options to record other instruments and allow you to use different microphones. However, if you don’t need any other recording options, you may want to stick to your USB mic.


    Your sound quality is your selling point as a young artist. You should not compromise that by using a lower-quality mic. Look beyond the cost and get a mic that can help give your listeners and fans the best quality music you can offer.