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    YouTube Paying Creators $10,000 To Record Shorts

    • 1 min read

    YouTube Paying Creators $10,000 To Record Shorts


    YouTube has announced its $100 million YouTube’s Shorts Fund, which will pay creators up to $10,000 a month to record the mini videos. This initiative was created to take on the company’s largest competitor, TikTok.


    However, there is a catch: the payouts depend on how popular the YouTuber is and their locations. In addition, the Shorts must be original. Uploads that possess any watermark from other platforms will be disqualified from the program.


    Usually, YouTubers are paid via ads being placed in front of their videos. However, since Shorts are much more condensed, YouTube will not be placing ads in most of them. Payouts from the fund will be distributed through next year before the platform establishes a “long-term, scalable monetization program.” 


    Rappers, singers, and even producers can get paid by posting engaging Shorts showcasing their vocals, new beats, the latest music challenge, or freestyle capabilities. Make sure that you are viewing other Shorts to get an idea about the type of content attracting the most views.


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