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    21 Savage Giving Away $1,000 to 100 High Schoolers 

    • 1 min read

    21 Savage Giving Away $1,000 to 100 High Schoolers 


    21 Savage has established a $100,000 scholarship fund for his Bank Account Financial Literacy Campaign.


    For the past few years, the “No Heart” rapper has been teaching financial responsibility to the youth in Atlanta through his popular program. In conjunction with his Leading By Example foundation and Chime, the campaign will provide a six-course online program to students in grades 9th through 12th. Upon completion, the scholars will have a chance to apply for one of the 100 scholarships valued at $1,000 each. 


    21 and Chime officially teamed up in October of last year to help teenagers learn healthy financial habits as they transition into adulthood. 


    “I just wanted to come up with something that helps kids have some understanding of what to do with that money,” the rapper stated in a promo video for the program.




    Anyone interested in the program for themselves or their teens can visit https://www.chime.com/21savage/


    Shout out to 21 Savage for giving kids the tools to succeed.


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