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    3 Music Programs That Offer Grant Funding to Musicians

    • 1 min read

    3 Music Programs That Offer Grant Funding to Musicians


    Finding funding for your music can be a daunting and extremely overwhelming task for independent artists. However, several organizations offer grants to musicians to help further their careers. 

    Below, you’ll find three that we feel are worth checking out.

    The PRS

    The PRS funds music newcomers, whether you are a songwriter, producer, or solo artist. They offer several types of grants, including the Composers Fund. This initiative supports music composers exclusively. However, the Writer Producer Fund covers broader artist and development costs. 

    Get SVOG

    Get SVOG is a company composed of music industry execs who work together to guide musicians through the funding process. While not available yet, the company is gearing up to roll out Music Act grant funding in the near future. Artists are encouraged to sign up to their contact list to know when that program will begin. 

    ASCAP Foundation

    ASCAP offers several grant options, including scholarships, talent development grants, and proposals submitted by non-profit music organizations. As one of the most notable organizations in music, you can rest assured that any funding coming from ASCAP is backed by guidance and resources to ensure the best allocation of the funds.

    Organizations such as these exist to provide funding for musicians who want to take their music seriously but do not have the funds to do so. What is best about all these funding opportunities is that they are not loans, meaning you never have to pay them back. The money is yours to keep.

    Try either of them today, and let us know your experience.