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    50 Cent Confirms Next Album Will Be His Last

    • 1 min read

    50 Cent Confirms Next Album Will Be His Last

    50 Cent is giving his fans one more album before hanging up his microphone for good…well, sort of.

    The “Power” creator has not dropped a full-length project since his 2014, “Animal Ambition.” His television endeavors have seen massive success, which has taken up most of his time, leaving little room for his rap career.

    During a recent chat with The Talk, 50 confirmed that he was done with albums, but not music completely.

    “I probably think I’ll deliver one more full-length album, then the other things that I do will be connected to film and television in a different way,” he explained. “I’m having so much success in this area that I have opportunities to keep releasing music through the projects that I’m bringing.”

    These comments come as no surprise since the 46-year-old stated last month that his forthcoming album will likely be his final.

    While there is no official release date for the project, 50 dropped a new single with Lil Durk and Jeremih, which is the new theme song for his latest installment of “Power,” “Power Book IV: Force.”

    You can check out “Powder Power Respect” below.