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    8 Bad Habits Keep Musicians Depressed and Unable to Perform

    • 3 min read

    8 Bad Habits Keep Musicians Depressed and Unable to Perform

    Sometime we know that we are not living up to our full potentials. We know this, and we know we could do more, but for some unknown reasons, we are just laid back and unable to resolve this inactivity in our lives. More often than not, musicians fail due to lack of action than lack of purpose. Today, I want to talk to you about 8 Bad Habits that Make Musicians Depressed and unable to perform.

    I am glad you are reading this, probably alone. One thing that will help you go through this piece purposively and fruitfully is to try and purge yourself of any self-defense and be as utterly sincere to yourself as possible. There's no one here to judge you. For once, try and give yourself an honest assessment as you read through these 8 habits.

    All that glitters is not gold, and no matter the public display of success on Instagram, we know that musicians go through a lot all by themselves, privately. Unless you are a super human, there must have been countless times you were at your lowest, feeling sad and depressed, like the universe is conspiring against you, and everything seems to always hit the rock.

    It is the life of every creative person, your's is not exceptional, and that's why we play our part at Viral Media Boost, to make sure your songs are put right in front of your right audience at the right time and at an affordable rate. But what if you could change some things, which could bring you a happier life and a lot better performances. Below are 8 bad habits that make musicians depressed and unable to perform, if you find yourself guilty of anyone, try and make some adjustments where necessary.

    1. Staying indoors for too long:

    It is not how long you spent in the studio that translates to your success, it is how well you spent it. As a creative, outdoor experiences help to unclutter your mind and brings you fresh ideas, which helps you to make better musics.

    2. Comparing yourself to others:

    What thoughts go through your mind when you listen to your outputs? Why does my chord sound like xyz, I'll never perform as great as abc, I wish I could mix like (whoever). These kinds of things are more destructive than you think. Everyone who has succeed in the industry succeeded because they are in competition with no one but themselves. You're your greatest competition. Always try to outdo yourself and no one else.

    3. Fearing Failure:

    Don't be afraid of failing. Each failure is a step closer to your success. This also means, accommodate rejections, and discouragements, and but give in to them. Keep trying, knowing that failure is not a set back, it is a step forward.

    4. Bad diet and no exercise:

    Eat well, healthy foods and exercise. Physical exercise helps your mental health and improves your creativity.

    5. Hanging around the wrong people:

    As you select the clothes you put on, so should you select the friends you keep, manage your circle like your progress depends on it, (it actually does). You're the average of the 5 people you always hang around with.

    6. Worrying about what loved ones think:

    One of the most influential categories of people in our lives is our loved ones. There opinions matter, and we pay attention to their approval or disapproval of our actions and inactions. Like everything else you take into consideration, don't take them hook, line and sinker.

    7. Shutting out your friends and family:

    Don't confuse being selective with your friends, and filtering criticisms and opinions of your loved ones with shutting out your friends and family. You need friends and family at every stage of your life. Friends and family are always there to light the way for you in darkness. You need to be definitely sure of who is your friend and who is your family.

    8. Drugs and Alcohol:

    This is a simple one. Watch your intake of intoxicants, especially on a day to day basis. Drugs and alcohol can have devastating effects on your mind and if you are prone to depression, these could fast-track your way down the dark path. Even when you are at a show, hanging out backstage doesn't mean you should over do it. For fans at the show, the show is an escape, but for you, it is business.

    If you are able to master and control your habits, you are in full control of your life. Look into yourself, are you guilty of any of these? If you want to marketing any of your songs?