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    Best Social Media Network For Hip Hop Artists In America

    • 3 min read

    Best Social Media Network For Hip Hop Artists In America

    It is very difficult to imagine this era of hip-hop artists thriving in this present day without social media. There would be no chance to see Drake in his element via IG Live, or watch Cardi B show off her mansion with Offset as well or no chance to spread the latest popular dance challenge on a trending music.

    Of course, hip-hop and social media have brought a whole new vibe to the music industry such that snippets of songs are released on various social media platforms before getting into the market space and there is room for greater bonding relationship with fans. 

    Having said that, there are various social media channels which hip hop artists can utilize but we will be discussing the top best 7 social media networks for hip hop artists in America, in no particular order. 


    1. YouTube

    YouTube has been a dominating social media network when it comes to uploading videos and musical contents. You can easily upload your musical content on the platform and at the same time earn some money if your vibe aligns with the right audience.

    Both upcoming and existing artists in the music industry have benefitted from the positive impact created by technology which has yielded more profit and returns in exchange for the hard work put into making good music. You too can get started on these social media networks as well!


    2. SoundCloud

    When the cloud produces sound, you know that magic is about to be made. SoundCloud has maintained top position when it comes to social media channels that help boost hip-hop artists in America. 

    All you need do is create an account, then upload and share your music with family, friends and fans. Most definitely, it won’t be difficult for the big shots in the industry to find you.

    3. Instagram

    Instagram has become home for musician in America. Some of the IG features which helps musicians build their fan base on Instagram is the IG Live. It also helps to build anticipation for your upcoming singles or album. On Instagram, once you are able to get an appreciable number of followers on Instagram, with the right use of hashtags, you can be easily found by talent hunters who would expose you to new opportunities in the industry.


    4. Facebook

    Facebook has always been a platform for reconnecting with old friends and family but there is more to Facebook than just chatting and uploading pictures. Facebook has a lot of users and also has the ability to make your video go viral in a matter of seconds. Considering the high beneficial value of creating an account with Facebook, it is very productive for hip-hop artists or bands to create a page and utilize the platform for a boost in their musical career.


     5. Reverbnation

    For the novice musician, starting a music career can be very discouraging when you consider the steps involved in pushing yourself out there. Your worrying days are over because Reverbnation has the best audience to get you started.

    Reverbnation helps new hip-hop artists to get recognized and connected to other artist, producers and musical labels if you know how to use the right tags and categories. You can be easily spotted by the very best in the industry as long as you have a good voice and can steadily drop bars without limits.


     6. Twitter

    Twitter is another game-changer when it comes to boosting your musical career as a hip-hop artist in America. With the “Twitter” feature, hip-hop artists have the privilege to easily share their music on their page and listeners have the option to download the file or stream online. 

    If your music is dope, you get the chance of having your fans retweet your songs or video without cost and you will be shocked at how viral your music will go once the retweet starts.


    7. Drooble

    Drooble is another fast-growing musical platform which allows artists in the hip-hop genre to advance their career with several useful services like Spotify promotion, Song Reviews, YouTube growth channels, etc. Drooble is a website which is aiming to create a global community for musicians. ... The supportive environment provides a chance for people who are less experienced to easily find music tutors, and for experienced musicians to earn money for teaching.