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    Big Daddy Kane Gives Optimistic Update On Biz Markie

    • 1 min read

    Biz Markie and Big Daddy Kane

    Legendary rapper Big Daddy Kane has offered an update on the health condition of his friend and fellow rap icon, Biz Markie.

    Last Fall, the news began to circulate that Biz Markie had suffered a stroke. Rumors then spread that the "Just a Friend" star was in a coma and would likely not survive. At the time, Markie's representatives refuted the claims of him being in a coma. During his recent sit down with The Breakfast Club, Big Daddy Kane offered an update about his friend, and to fan's relief, it appears that Markie is regaining his strength.

    "He's getting better. He's in rehabilitation now. He's getting better and stronger every day." He added, "Last time I talked on the phone. He stuck his middle finger up at me, so I think he's coming along."

    In the past, Biz Markie has been open about his battle with diabetes, even opening up about nearly losing his foot to the disease.

    Let's continue to keep Biz Markie in our thoughts and prayers.


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