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    Bobby Shmurda Has Been Released From Prison

    • 1 min read

    Bobby Shmurda Has Been Released From Prison

    Rapper Bobby Shmurda has been released from prison after serving six years behind bars.

    The now 26-year-old was sentenced back in 2016 to seven years in prison. However, he had been imprisoned since 2014. Shmurda will complete the last ten months of his sentence on work release and will remain on parole until 2026.  

    His mother, Leslie Pollard, revealed to TMZ that Bobby wouldn’t be running to the studio immediately after his release. Instead, he will enjoy a family dinner to make up for lost time. Rapper Quavo said in a recent Billboard interview that he would be personally going to pick up Shmurda upon release and he made good on that promise. Video quickly began to circulate of the two exiting a private jet upon Shmurda's release.



    The day prior to Shmurda's release, Migos star Quavo linked up longtime Shmurda partner, Rowdy Rebel and gifted him with $20,000 as a welcome home gift following his release from prison back in January.

    Shmurda remaining free will rest on him adhering to strict parole regulations and check-ins. This factor may put some restraint on him continuing his music career, which has been at a standstill since his incarceration. Fans have speculated for years as to the route Shmurda will take musically, especially with the release of Rebel.

    Regardless of how soon he plans to get back to business, the hip-hop community is beaming at the return of the beloved New York MC. 


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