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    DaBaby Being Sued For Allegedly Knocking Out Homeowners Tooth

    • 1 min read

    DaBaby Being Sued For Allegedly Knocking Out Homeowners Tooth

    A property owner is suing DaBaby for allegedly assaulting him during a video shoot.

    Gary Pagar, the owner of a Runyon Canyon, California vacation rental home, alleges that the “Suge” rapper rented out his house under the guise that only 12 people would be in attendance. However, he claims that DaBaby showed up with 40 people to shoot a video. This violated the lease agreement, which limits the number of attendees for COVID-19 purposes and prohibits the property from being used commercially.

    Once Pagar went to his home to shut down the shoot, he claims that DaBaby got out of a vehicle and chased him into the house. He then warned Pagar not to call the police before punching him in the mouth and knocking out his tooth. The homeowner says that he was then taunted by the rapper, who began playing catch with his phone.

    Eventually, someone called the police, and DaBaby and his entourage were forced to leave. In addition to Pagar’s phone, DaBaby and his crew allegedly made off with “valuable kitchenware.”

    The lawsuit docs claim that the crew destroyed a security camera, failed to pay the full rental bill, and left thousands of dollars in other damages.

    It’s unclear how much Pagar is seeking in damages.


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