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    Discovering Your Best Creative Time for Writing a Song

    • 3 min read

    Discovering Your Best Creative Time for Writing a Song

    Whether you are beginning your music career or not, there is always an opportunity for you to become a better singer and write your songs more creatively. Becoming a better musician may be about you knowing when to write your songs and having the best information and the right practices.

    Sometimes, it could be about you identifying the best time of the day to write your songs. This is very important as it can significantly impact on the success of your writing and creativity.


    Times You Should NOT Write a Song

    There are specific times that you are most likely to get the best lyrics from yourself. You should also know that there are times when your creativity may be below expectation, at this time, songs that you write may not be all that awesome.

    For example, it is not good advice to try to write a song just immediately you return from a stressful trip, especially when you are still mentally disorganized. It may be better for you to take a quick rest so that you can get back to your creative self.

    You should not write or edit your song when you have an unfinished task. Let's say you have a place to go; visit your publisher, talk to a graphics designer or do anything that relates to your writing; if it is urgent, that is not the time to start writing your song. Instead, take some time, complete the most critical tasks, get it off your mind. Writing a song in-between tasks may make you produce incoherent lyrics.


    Best Time to Write Songs

    Writing a song is something that comes from your mind and flows through your hands. Hence, your most creative time to write songs is when your mind is most relaxed.

    Resting will take away all the urgency that comes with completing a task. It makes your heart stable and ensures that your creative mind is at its peak. The best way to get this going is to keep your writing materials ready before you fall asleep.

    As soon as you wake, you go straight and begin to use your fresh energy to create - write a great song.


    Write in the middle of the Night

    Writing songs demands your full concentration; hence writing in the night, when your environment is quiet and solitary will reduce distractions and help you focus on your inner voice, so you can bring out the best songs in you.

    Take a good rest during the day; this will give you the required energy you will need to stay up at night. When you wake, avoid the temptation of taking any food, it may make you feel drowsy. Instead, take a cup of water and face your songwriting.


    Here a Few Practices to Make You Become a Good Songwriter

    Practice Songwriting

    Nothing can take the place of practice in any artistic career.

    Songwriting may not be exciting all the time, but you have to keep up the pace and ensure that you write consistently. The more songs you write, the more you improve in your expertise.

    Edit an Existing Work

    You can edit a work that you have done before; this will help you assess your creativity. No matter how good you think the existing song is, you could edit it and try out some new lines.


    Writing a good song is key to getting much relevance needed in your music career. Hence, choose the right time for your song writing so you can bring out the best in you.