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    DMX Has Passed Away At Age 50

    • 1 min read

    DMX Has Passed Away At Age 50

    Rapper DMX has passed away after nearly a week on life support.

    The monumental rapper passed away on April 9th at White Plains Hospital. He had been hospitalized following a suspected drug overdose that led to a heart attack. First responders responded to his White Plains, New York home, where they worked to revive the 50-year-old for nearly 30 minutes. Sources say that his brain was deprived of oxygen during that time, which led to irreversible damage.

    After the news of his hospitalization broke, rumors swirled daily regarding his health status. Many outlets reported prematurely that the rapper died, while others stated that X had been removed from life support and breathing without the help of machines.

    Once DMX’s death was confirmed, falsehoods still swirled, particularly regarding Jay-Z and Beyonce purchasing his masters. However, his family released an official statement refuting these claims, stating "No one has bought Earl’s masters.”

    The statement also addressed possible scammers posing as the family to get money.

    “Additionally, we are not selling any merch or raising money for Earl’s funeral. If anyone is requesting money for his funeral, please be aware the person is a scammer."

    While no funeral arrangements have been public as of yet, the family has assured his fans that they will announce arrangments in the days to come.

    Let’s continue to keep his loved ones in our thoughts.

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