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    Drake Partners With Climate Change Start-Up

    • 1 min read

    Drake Partners With Climate Change Start-Up


    As he remains busy at work on "Certified Lover Boy," Drake has announced a new partnership with Aspiration, an environmentally-friendly start-up that reduces one's carbon footprint. 


    Aspiration is described as a leader in "sustainability as a service." In his statement on Wednesday, Drake said that the collaboration would assist him in tracking the carbon footprint of his travel and tours, ultimately creating a carbon-neutral lifestyle.


    "Aspiration's innovative approach to combating climate change is really inspiring, and I hope together we can help to motivate and create awareness," he said.


    According to Rolling Stone, Drake, along with actor Leonardo DiCaprio, is now an investor for the company. 


    To address climate change, Aspiration strives to provide consumers with greener financial options. The company sells "clean money products," which are used to make banking and investing more ecologically friendly. Drake's new agreement with the company focuses on the company's Sustainable Impact Services, which allows them to track, analyze, and comprehend his carbon footprint entirely.


    Drake's manager, Future the Prince, called the "Hate Sleeping Alone" crooner a "visionary with big ideas." He added that he and the rapper's entire team are excited about what Aspiration has in store moving forward. 



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