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    Driver Who Killed Nicki Minaj's Father In Hit-And-Run Arrested

    • 1 min read

    Driver Who Killed Nicki Minaj's Father In Hit-And-Run Arrested

    The driver who fatally struck Nicki Minaj's father, Robert Maraj, in a hit-and-run on Friday has been arrested.

    Charles Polevich turned himself in on Wednesday. He was charged with leaving the scene of an auto accident with a fatality and tampering with evidence.

    On Friday, Maraj was walking on the road between Roslyn Road and Raff Avenue Friday evening around 6 PM. That is when Polevich was heading northbound and slammed into the man. He reportedly got out of the car to ask the critically injured man if he was okay before rushing from the scene. Maraj was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition. Unfortunately, he died from his injuries on Saturday at age 64.

    Polevich then altered his white Volvo station wagon and hid it under a tarp. However, through security footage, police were able to track the vehicle to the suspect's home.

    Charles Polevich has pleaded not guilty to the charges and was released on a $250,000 bond. He has no criminal history, and authorities could not verify whether or not he was intoxicated at the time.


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