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    Fans Believe Rick Ross & Meek Mill Are Beefing Over MMG Contract

    • 1 min read

    Fans Believe Rick Ross & Meek Mill Are Beefing Over MMG Contract


    Are Meek Mill and Rick Ross feuding? That's what's being alleged on the internet.

    The rumors originated when DJ Akademiks revealed during his Twitch live stream that "an artist that's signed to another artist" got into a nasty spat at a party over the weekend. According to fans, the artists in question are Meek Mill and Rick Ross. 

    "The artist that's signed to the other artist, they were having a party. The artist they're signed to allegedly tried to enter the party and go about certain places, and I heard there was a big issue. One of your favorite artists who's claiming that they're 'lit,' they're a 'boss,' they do whatever–they're signed to another ni**a," Akademiks said during his live stream. He went on to add, "I hear they want off the label. This has been an ongoing conversation."

    Akademiks supporters who have followed him for years pointed out that he has always been reluctant to mention names when it has anything to do with Meek Mill. This only further fueled the speculation. 

    Meek celebrated his 34th birthday at Club LIV in Miami over the weekend, and despite the beef rumors, it appears that Rozay was at the nightclub. A photo of him was posted to LIV Miami's Instagram Stories.

    Neither Rick Ross nor Meek Mill has publicly addressed the rumors. Let's hope it's all social media gossip. 


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