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    Fans Drag Master P & His Son For Leaving TSU Due to Lack Of Resources

    • 3 min read

    Fans Drag Master P & His Son For Leaving TSU Due to Lack Of Resources

    Master P's son, Hercy Miller, is parting ways with Tennessee State University's basketball program. The move comes as the athlete suffered a hip injury during the season opener that was not treated with sufficient medical attention. 


    When speaking with The Tennessean, the music mogul said he and his son made the decision to transfer from TSU due to the lack of medical resources at the school. P said major universities, such as Duke, have better technology that could have prevented his son from being injured in the first place. Hercy is now in the NCAA transfer portal as he recovers from his injury. He recently scored a rumored $2 million NIL deal with Web Apps America.


    "We've got a great program at Tennessee State, we've got great people, we loved the culture, we just don't have enough trainers," P stated and also expressed an overall disappointment with the lack of funding in HBCUs. TSU director of sports medicine Trevor Searcy responded to the rapper and said that their athletic department is growing and denied that the school is underfunded. However, P accused the university of sugar coating the real issue.


    Fans of the No Limit frontman took to social media to slam him about his comments. Many believed that he should have stepped up and donated money if he felt that the school was experiencing money woes that prevented proper care for its athletes. If you recall, P heavily advocated for HBCUs earlier this year. 


    One Twitter user said P should've donated a million dollars to the school. Several others felt that P was upset that his son was not getting enough playing time. Check out some of the tweets below.














    The Office of Legislative Budget Analysis determined earlier this year that TSU had been underfunded by $544 million in land-grant funding throughout the years, so there is likely some truth to what Master P is saying.


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