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    How Artists can Increase Their Spotify Streams Using Facebook Ads

    • 4 min read

    How Artists can Increase Their Spotify Streams Using Facebook Ads

    As of the first quarter of 2020, Facebook has over 2.6 billion monthly active users. That’s about 34% of the world’s population, actively on Facebook every single month. With that kind of number, if you don’t believe that a great chunk of your audience are definitely on Facebook, then you need to think again. Facebook provides musicians with some amazing opportunities to reach their most treasured audience at their leisure time when they are most likely going to interact with their music. Smart artists worldwide are making use of this platform to grow their fan base, every single day. In this article, Viral Media Boost will be discussing Facebook Ads for Music artists in detail, showing exactly how you can use Facebook Ads to increase your Spotify streams or grow your fan base anywhere.

    Facebook ads are free for anyone to use across industries, but when it comes to using this platform to increase your Spotify Streams, there’re a little tweaks and tricks involved. If you must know, placing your spotify link in your Facebook ads doesn’t really work. And if you have tried promoting your songs on Spotify using this medium and you are not getting results, there’s a reason why. The reason is because when you create a post on Facebook with a Spotify Link, it has a built-in player, quite alright, but as soon as you promote it the player disappears.


    Now, let us go through other DOs and DON’Ts of creating Facebook Ads that help you increase your Spotify Streams or increase your fanbase anywhere you want them.

    1. DON’T USE SPOTIFY LINKS: We already talked about the reason you shouldn’t use spotify links on your Facebook Post Promotions. So, what do you do? There’s a better option that provides you with the opportunity to increase your fanbase across multiple platforms at the same time, and that’s by using a link. is an all-in-one music marketing solution that help you get more fans, boost streams, and grow your sales across your favorite music sharing platforms all at the same time. Hence, instead of using your Spotify link directly, use a link and you end up with something like this.


    What this does is that when you send traffic from Facebook Ads to this platform, it presents the visitor with multiple options of where to stream from, the person chooses their favorite streaming platform, instead of restricting them to just one, which they may not like and you lose the fan.



    These people are already in your audience category, you can simply make a post for them to see, with Facebook Ads you want to reach new fans. It also doesn’t make a lot of sense targeting their friends, because not all friends like the same kind of music. My advice is to make better use of your Facebook Ad budget by targeting more valuable audience sets.


    3. DON’T RUN THE SAME AD ON FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM: Facebook Image size is not the same Instagram, so when you create a post on Facebook and try to promote the same on Instagram, it won’t really appear nice and you may also lose some valuable information like your call to action. For example, while your fans can click on your text link on Facebook if you run the same copy on Instagram ads, they can’t click on it and that becomes useless. It can also cause your ads to under-perform and you may eventually end up wasting your ad budget with little or no conversion at all.

    4. DON’T USE SINGLE IMAGE ADS: There’s no better way to put it than saying, “On social media, VIDEO IS KING! Especially when you are promoting music.” So, run video ads instead of image ads. We can’t emphasize that enough.


    If your website is set up for conversion, you may direct visitors to your website. If not, go for video views or traffic as your campaign objective. In this case, if you only want people to listen to your song, select Video Views but if you are using a smart link such as the link we shared above, you may want to make use of Traffic as your campaign objective.

    6. CHOOSE YOUR LOCATION WISELY: Every music you make should have some keywords that aligns with the interests of the people you are targeting. Make a list of these keyword and use Google trends to search locations where most of such keyword searches are coming from in recent time. Then, target the people in that location. Avoid targeting “Worldwide” it might get you cheap engagement but it won’t move the needle in anyway. Also do not target the entire country. It is better to target a specific region of a country.

    This is where we are going to draw the curtain today. In our next post on this subject, we are going to be looking at detailed targeting and placement options for music promotions using Facebook Ads.Stay tuned!