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    How Artists can Make Use of the Coronavirus LOCKDOWN

    • 3 min read

    How Artists can Make Use of the Coronavirus LOCKDOWN

    The world has changed in a few months. Just a few months of facing coronavirus and every sector in the economy have made severe changes to how it operates. With the WHO declaring the coronavirus a pandemic after infecting more than 160 countries, public gatherings have been stopped worldwide.

    Just as this coronavirus scare continues, artists are trying to get novel ideas on how they can better satisfy their fans.

    In the world of music and several live performances, a lot of events have been postponed or shortened. Hence there are new guidelines which artists are forced to play by, and this is will generally affect the usual way of holding performances and events. And, it is very essential that artists adapt to this new mode.


    Why do Artists Need to Adapt?

    The coronavirus has affected a lot of open-air crusades and programs; hence as an artist, you should be ready for a lockdown. The virus caused the premature closure of all museums in China and Japan. Italy, too, is in total lockdown, and the United States is virtually closed down. The world is in complete lockdown, and in times like this, people need entertainment. This is the more reason why artists should prepare to adapt to the current reality on ground.

    Events that have been planned may be canceled or postponed. This can affect the cost of organizing such events, especially when invitees start asking for a refund. Hence there is a substantial financial hit that may likely put lots of artists in stressful situations.


    New Opportunities for Music Artists

    As an artist, there are lots of things you can introduce to your actions that can put you in the best positioning this period.

    1. Build an Online Community

    Yes, this is the time for live streams and online sessions. You may consider this option as your best bet because it promises the best alternative to a physical show. For online events and live programs, you can still get a few or a token for participation. You could also decide to make it free, all the same; you have your fans engaged.

    One of the reasons many artists lose their touch is because they leave their fans for too long. This is a pitfall you should avoid in this period of coronavirus lockdown. You can begin an online viewing room, and if this is something you are not familiar with, then you should do some research. You have all the time you need to get your online community bubbling.

    1. Giveaways

    Nothing excites your fans more if you show that you appreciate them. And this is the time to show them some love. In this current coronavirus scare, you could announce some giveaways for your fans. This will help ease their fear and burden from the virus.

    If you do not have enough budget to fund the giveaways, then you can easily grant a FREE access to any of your music that initially has a price attached to it.

    1. Spur generosity

    No one can tell how much your fans would like to hear from you. You can take advantage of this to spur generosity among your fans that have the means to help. As much as you can, you can motivate your fans to contribute to feeding those who are currently quarantined and would not have enough cash to sustain them.

    In return, you could promise to hold a performance for all those who donate. You could also agree to hold a free event where anyone would be able to attend. This will show to your fans that you have decided to take the lead in helping those affected by COVID-19.

    1. Release a Tribute

    This is the goldmine for all artists. You could spend some more time creating a tribute song for all those who have lost their lives to the virus. This way, you can make your way to the limelight. Any song that can help everyone relate to the victims of coronavirus will do just fine.

    Do NOT sound as if those who got the virus had a fault. Do not look boastful in the song also. You could do a better job if you knew a victim yourself or knew someone who had a relative who was a victim and allows them to give a line or two in your new song.


    The coronavirus lockdown have crippled lots of businesses and music concerts, but you should not allow that to be your lot. In the comfort of your home, you can still get the best out of music.