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    How to Motivate Yourself and Remain Motivated as a Musician

    • 3 min read

    How to Motivate Yourself and Remain Motivated as a Musician

    Being motivated is a significant part of the artiste's work.

    As an artiste, you know how enjoyable it is to have that sudden feeling of inspiration; it creates energy in you that will make you more productive. Sadly, this does not happen daily. If you decide to wait for the time when that magical idea will come to you for a new project, you may eventually wait for a long time.

    You should learn to stay motivated as this is tied to your productivity. It is a valuable skill every artiste should have. Staying motivated will improve not only your productivity but also the quality of your work.

    Using any skill to motivate yourself and remain motivated will make you more consistent hence making you churn out more quality songs. This also means that you will have an increased portfolio and invariably have more clients.

    As an artiste, you become almost everything, from the stage of being overly excited after getting an album out to being unmotivated and banal for a lot of other reasons. These reasons could range from not earning enough from your music, not going to a lot of places, and not having other gigs.

    In some of these difficult moments, it is challenging to stay focused and motivated. Sometimes, you resort to self-pity and doubt your choices. It is almost impossible to keep the fire burning all through your career. This is a familiar feeling for anyone who has been in the music industry for a long time.


    Listed here are a few things you can do to get yourself motivated.

    1. Know that great things are usually not very easy to get

    You should say this to yourself routinely so that it can sink in. Saying this will help your mind be more patient, and you will not get disappointed all the time when you do not meet your goals.

    Many times, we know we are good at what we do and have waited a long time for us to be an artiste; you have done the network, worked hard, and even have a good website. But then discouragement can come if you do not see all these efforts being rewarded immediately.

    When you keep telling yourself that nothing good comes easy, then you will have the patient to keep moving, no matter the challenges.

    1. Remember why you wanted to be an artiste in the first place

    Take your mind back to why you started out being an artiste. Think of what made you go through this path. When you can find the WHY of why you are currently doing what you are doing, then you will stay motivated until that question is answered.

    1. Read the stories of other artistes

    This will give you the encouragement that will keep you going. Winners never quit. With the stories of another artiste, you will see similar challenges they had already overcome.

    Many times, what we see is the pomp and the praise that comes with being an artiste, but when you read through other people’s struggles, you will get the motivation that you need to know that you are not alone in the struggle.

    Know that small steps are better than not taking steps: you should slow down with the milestones you create for yourself because this can be the reason for your burnout of motivation.

    1. Get a day job that won’t burn you out

    Maybe your day job burns you out too, gives you stress and mental lethargy. You could get another job that will not stress you out during the day so you can have the time for yourself. This will allow you to do your marketing in the evening after work and also have some energy left for some practice too.

    1. Talk with other artistes

    Networking with other artistes will help you get the necessary motivation you need. Another artiste who has passed the stage where you are will help you carry on and give you the boost that you desire.

    1. Stay away from people who won’t support you

    There are people among your network who would not like you being an artiste, stay away from them. Once you hear any comment that will make you lose motivation from your art, then know that both of you are not heading the same direction.

    Finally, if everything seems not to work, then it is time to take a break. Take your mind away from your art and your dreams. Distract yourself by doing something else for days, weeks, and sometimes it may get up to a month. You may use this time to travel and visit a new place. When you return, you come back with much energy to fire up your career.


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