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    How to Overcome Naysayers as a Young Artiste

    • 4 min read

    How to Overcome Naysayers as a Young Artiste

    There are so many negative comments around us; it is either it is being said directly to us, or they are just some random comments that fly through others. As a young artist, there are several things you should learn and know how to respond to, and this includes negative comments.

    Hearing a negative comment is very devastating, this can lead to you feeling discouraged or doomed to fail in life. Whether this comment is given by a friend, family member, or a colleague, you do not have to allow negative comments to ruin your dream of becoming a world class entertainer.

    This article has a list of things that can help you survive the trauma of receiving a negative comment either from a fellow artist, a producer or a mentor; generally the people you expected a lot better from.

    1. Don’t Get Emotional or Take it Personal When You Receive Negative Comments

    Negative comments are negative hence can trigger your emotions to feel anger or frustration. What you should learn to do is to become indifferent about them. As a young artist, you should cultivate the habit of putting naysayers in their place; that is, you should tell yourself that this is not something you should bother about, and you wouldn’t.

    When comments are thrown at you that are negative, try to not react to them in anger. Getting angry will come across as a validation of those who angered you, and this will pass across as you being unstable.

    Many things can come as negative comments as a young artist, but you should try your best so that no one will see you get angry or happy about such comments.

    1. Always be ready for a planned response.

    Naysayers have many things in common; they are swift to seek a response. They want to see your response to their criticism or negative comments. They need you to give them feedback; hence you will flourish as an artist if you have a planned response for them. These responses will help you track how well you can deal with them in the future.

    As an artist, humor is one of the ways you can deal with negative comments coming from either a fellow artist or someone else that is close to you. You can turn down the tempo of the comment by taking it lightly, and just laughing it off, no matter how hard it touched you.

    1. You can also ignore it.

    This removes the satisfaction that comes with the naysayer’s comment; it merely places you ahead of them and shows that their comments do not mean anything to you. Also, you do not have to accept what was said as real; this slightly takes your mind from the offense and puts it where constructive efforts can be seen.

    It would help if you did not take it personally when people throw comments that are offensive and can make you not get the best out of your current situation.

    Remember, an artist is a creative person; as soon as you make yourself not feel the vibe you need to become creative; you will lose the edge that makes you an artist. In other words, you need your composure at all times to remain creative, so when you take negative comments to heart, it can throw you off balance and the moment you lose your grip on your creativity, you bound to fail as an artiste. Don’t let it happened, always be the bigger person.

    Many times, negative comments by naysayers can be used as a propeller of creativity. As soon as you hear what the comments talk about, you can use those comments to form a new target for yourself. That’s another way of saying, leverage on negative comments, and don’t let them pull you down. Instead, let them motivate you to greater heights.

    1. You could also check if the thing said about you is true.

    As soon as you notice that there are elements of truth in them, then you can keep it in a place in your heart where you can work on what is being commented about. This means that you are viewing negative comments not as what they are but as honest criticisms that provides a silent advice to guide you, regardless of what the intentions of the original maker was.

    As soon as you feel better about yourself, then you can begin to analyze correctly the comment that is spoken about you. Check the personality of the person; is the person known for telling the truth, or just someone who says random comments at his convenience. Then comments from people like that about your profession should not be taken seriously.

    However, if the person who make the comment about you is someone of reputation, then you should take what he says seriously so that you can get the best out of your career as an artist. This is what is needed to keep you afloat and progressive in your field.

    Lastly, it would help if you encouraged yourself in the part you are good at. If naysayers continue to make negative comments about you and your skill, then you should strengthen yourself and remind yourself that you have come this far already as an artist and would not need to be scared because of the negative comments about you, but push on and this, harder!