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    How To Position Yourself As An Artist To Attract Record Labels

    • 3 min read

    How To Position Yourself As An Artist To Attract Record Labels

    Getting a record deal doesn’t come easy because record labels are somewhat selective on who they sign. The first step to attract a record label is by pushing yourself out there for them to find you. It is not enough to say you’ve got a good voice and can drop good vibes from the comfort of your room. No! You have to put in great effort to grow your brand and fan base.

    Read on to find out the necessary steps to take to position yourself as an artist to attract the best record labels.

    1.   Find a Unique Style as a Recording Style

    Everybody must not be the same when it comes to owning your style and appearance. One thing you should concentrate on is to build a unique and original identity that makes you stand out from others. This will help you remain relevant and attractive in the eyes of your fans and prospective record label.

    1.   Record Songs

    Nobody is ever going to hear what you sound like if all you do is sing in the shower. You need to express yourself more by recording some songs and rework it till it becomes a sweet melody to the ear. Don’t rest on your oars once you record your first EP, you have to constantly work on your music and get songs out as often as you can depending on your ability.

    It may seem as a tall order but it will be definitely worth the effort when you start seeing the results especially when your fanbase starts to increase. You should endeavour that you get a good producer to produce your EP and then release acoustic covers in-between as well as offer a free download of a live performance.

    1. Social Media Engagement

    This is the hub of popularity as technology has eased the technicalities of having people listen to your music from across the globe without boarding a plane. Any artist worth their salt must be on all social media networks – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat in addition to launching a personal website and blog (if possible).

    You have to create the time and put in much effort to update your social media channels by posting very interesting and engaging contents otherwise you begin to lose followers. Include a Live performance once in two weeks either on Facebook or Instagram and bring your A-game in entertaining your viewers.

    1. Gig as Much as Possible

    Gigs have given a lot of opportunities to many artists and performing comedians. Of particular reference is James Bay who got signed after he was filmed at an open mic and the video was further uploaded on YouTube. So you have to get out there and show the world what talent you’ve got.

    Some promoters often run industry showcase gigs in front of industry executives which are a very good chance where you can perform to the big shots. Know this, most record labels are always interested to hear how many gigs you have lined up so don’t blow your cover by just folding your arms and doing nothing.

    Don’t be discouraged by the number of times you’ve performed without getting paid, keep at it there just might be a light when you get to the end of the dark tunnel.

    1. Collaborate with other Artists

    Your success is not going to happen at one attempt so you have to keep trying and another means of getting by is by collaborating with other artists whether they are popular or not. You can look out for other artists with a higher fan base than you and then gain exposure to their fans by releasing a track together.

    If you are good at songwriting, you can increase your profile by writing songs for other artists as well.

    1. Upload Cover Videos

    As long as you obtain the necessary permission from the owner of the music, you can upload cover songs and you will be amazed by the positive responses you will receive if done properly. Tag the videos correctly and upload in the right category so that your video pops up when someone searches for their favorite artist. If it worked for Justin Bieber, so why not you?


    Be in the music industry because you love music and not for fame and fortune. When you finally land a record label, be sure to put in your effort and hardwork to grow and become better because there are lots of people who are aiming for your position. So you have to be exceptionally talented, fiercely determined, grow your fan base and have radio quality songs – these are the qualities that will attract labels to come knocking at your door.