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    Ice Cube & Druski Address Fake Viral “Friday” Announcement 

    • 2 min read

    Ice Cube & Druski Address Fake Viral “Friday” Announcement 

    Ice Cube is not happy about the possibility of a new “Friday” movie being filmed for HBO Max without his involvement. 

    On Monday, a tweet went viral claiming that comedian Druski and rapper Vince Staples would be starring in a “Friday” prequel for the streaming platform. Cube, the “Friday” franchise creator and star, shared the tweet with the words, “This is blasphemy.”




    In a follow-up tweet, user @OhThatMarco claimed that Cube’s son, O’Shea Jackson Jr., would serve as the scriptwriter. It also caught the attention of Druski, who quoted the tweet with the “cap” emoji, also indicating that the tweet was a lie.




    Scrolling through the Twitter user’s profile, it appears they are a troll who often tweets fictional movie scenarios and goes viral doing so. One follower tweeted that @OhThatMarco was the “goat” of internet trolling. Another named @OhThatMarco is one of the “Elite drivers of misinformation” on Twitter.





    Nevertheless, the fake story spreading like wildfire is a testament to the way rumors run rampant on the internet.

    Ice Cube was likely deeply offended considering that his 1995 cult classic and subsequent sequels were such hits. In recent years, he has also expressed his disappointment with the lack of support from the production company in getting the final installment completed.