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    Icebox Slams Soulja Boy For Unpaid Jewelry Tab

    • 1 min read

    Icebox Slams Soulja Boy For Unpaid Jewelry Tab

    After going viral for claiming that he was the first rapper to shop in Icebox, Soulja Boy is being called out by the company for an unpaid jewelry debt.

    Soulja made the claims over the weekend. On Twitter, he posted an old video of himself walking into the famous jewelry store with the caption, “1st rapper at icebox no cap.” His post quickly went viral, with SayCheese and other media outlets reposting his tweet. However, Icebox was not pleased with the “Crank That” rapper boasting about the store while knowingly still owing them $60k.



    A representative for the Atlanta-based jewelry shop told TMZ that the debt stems from a 2013 lawsuit against Soulja. Icebox says that at one point, he owed them $200,000 for a jewelry bill, but his outstanding balance now stands at $60,000. The company says that the now 30-year-old artist has refused to pay up. 

    Soulja disputed their claims, stating that he spoke with Icebox directly and was told that he no longer owed them anything. 

    It appears that both sides have a very different account of how things transpired. While they work to smooth things out, stream Soulja Boy’s latest single, “She Make It Clap,” to ensure he has enough funds to cover his next jewelry tab.


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