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    Jay-Z Suing "Reasonable Doubt" Photographer For Selling His Images

    • 1 min read

    Jay-Z Suing "Reasonable Doubt" Photographer For Selling His Images

    Jay-Z has filed a lawsuit against the photographer responsible for his famous "Reasonable Doubt" album cover, claiming that he is continuing to benefit from the image over two decades later.

    The "444" rap icon filed the claim against Jonathan Mannion and his company, Jonathan Mannion Photography LLC. He is alleging that the photographer is misusing his name and image without having approval. Jay currently has very strict control over the use of his likeness. Therefore, all use of it must be approved.

    Mannion is accused of using Hov's image on the landing page of his website and other areas. He also sells prints of Jay for thousands of dollars.

    The Roc Nation founder maintains that he never granted Mannion permission to use his picture and claims that he has asked him to discontinue using the images. According to the suit, Mannion responded by demanding millions of dollars from the rap mogul.


    Jay and Roc-A-Fella Record hired Mannion in 1996 to photograph the cover for his debut album "Reasonable Doubt."

    Hov is asking that a judge order Mannion to stop using his photos and is seeking any profits made from the use of his images.

    In a statement to TMZ, Mannion's representative said that they are confident that he is protected by the First Amendment and has the right to use and sell the prints.


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