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    Jim Jones Slams Gucci For Racial Discrimination

    • 1 min read

    Jim Jones Slams Gucci For Racial Discrimination

    Jim Jones blasted the Gucci store this week for allegedly treating him poorly because he and his entourage were Black.

    The "Summer In Miami" rapper took to his IG while still inside the boutique, where he detailed the rude encounter. He claimed that while in VIP, no one from the staff greeted him nor offered him beverages, despite him and his crew running up a nearly $30,000 tab.

    A Black manager came to speak with him at some point, but Jones was not satisfied with the man's answers. Jones went on to add that entertainers spent too much money in luxury stores to be treated unfairly.

    Gucci has not publicly responded to Jones's claims. However, this is not the first time they've faced backlash for supposed racism. In 2019, Black shoppers briefly boycotted the company, accusing them of designing a sweater that resembled "black face."

    Take a look at Jim Jones's angry rant below. Does he have reason to be upset?