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    K Shiday Confirms That She Is No Longer With 1017

    • 2 min read

    K Shiday

    After weeks of speculation, rapper K Shiday has confirmed that she is no longer signed to Gucci Mane's, 1017 Records.

    During an interview with Big Homies House, the rising artist said that she is no longer a part of the 1017 roster because she is not a trap rapper, which is what many of her former labelmates are considered.

    "The image that's always been portrayed with 1017 is a different image than I have. I didn't come from the background and the struggles that the artist had." She goes on to add that she feels her brand is more significant than the trap music sound.

    The young woman says that once she began working with different A&Rs, she discovered she enjoyed making different types of songs, describing herself as a pop star. K Shiday explains that while she showcased her rapping capabilities with the 1017 crew, she was only trying to prove that she belonged in the music industry.

    Rumors of K Shiday leaving the label first began to swirl in March, when Asian Doll dropped a freestyle over Pooh Shiesty's "Back In Blood." Asian rapped, "If it weren't for Asian Doll, then none of you hoes won't have no chains," insinuating that had she not left 1017, other female rappers would never have been signed. Well, K Shiday then responded with a freestyle of her own over the beat, rapping, "On a Shiesty beat, you trying to be 1017 so bad." Fans quickly began to question whether or not K Shiday was even still with 1017, considering that she had not been seen with any of the label's roster for a while.

    Best of luck to K Shiday on her next chapter. You can catch her full interview with Big Homies House below.


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