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    Kid Cudi Mourns The Loss Of Beloved Dog, Freshie

    • 2 min read

    Kid Cudi Mourns The Loss Of Beloved Dog, Freshie


    Rapper Kid Cudi is mourning the loss of his beloved dog, Freshie, who passed away last week.


    The "Mr. Rager" rapper penned a lengthy Twitter post announcing the death of Freshie, who he got in 2010. Cudi says that Freshie was with him "through it all" during their 11 years together, referring to his faithful pup as his "guardian angel."


    While Cudi didn't elaborate on what led to Freshie's death, he said that the dog passed away peacefully at the rapper's home surrounded by those who loved him.


     "I held his hand and whispered in his ear to let him know I was there while he slipped away. I told him he was a special boy, my best friend, that he was perfect and that I loved him and I'll miss him so much. I felt his last breath."


    The 37-year-old was transparent with his fans about how the loss affected him, admitting that he was a "complete mess" as he still felt the urge to walk his dog or call him to bed.




    He continued posting touching videos and clips of Freshie, with his fans descending on Cudi's tweets to express their condolences and words of encouragement. The love poured in so much so that Freshie was trending for hours on Twitter once Cudi broke the news.




    Rest in peace, Freshie, and prayers up for Kid Cudi during this difficult time.


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