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    Kodak Black Wants To Work With Beyoncé

    • 1 min read

    Kodak Black Wants To Work With Beyoncé

    Kodak Black is shooting his musical shot at Queen Bey.

    During a recent interview with TMZ Live, the “No Flockin” said that he is ready to get in the studio with Beyoncé on a record he claims is already completed and poised for the BeeHive leader.  

    “I got a song I need Beyoncé on. I just need her to do two bars, and I got the rest,” he revealed.

    In addition to the record-breaking Grammy Award winner, the 23-year-old is also aiming for a Justin Bieber feature. 

    “Y’all tell Justin Bieber I got a song for him,” he said of the Canadian star, who recently released his highly anticipated album, “Justice.”

    Kodak told TMZ that he has recorded nearly 200 songs since being released from prison in January. One of those includes his Lil Yachty feature, “Hit Bout It,” which has attracted over 10 million YouTube views since it was released. 

    The rapper has been in his bag since having his sentence commuted by former President Donald Trump. However, his legal troubles are far from over. He is still facing a sexual assault case in South Carolina.

    I wonder if Bey will bless Yak with her vocals on a track? Only time will tell.


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