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    Latto Reveals Health Scare Prevented Her From Promoting "The Biggest"

    • 2 min read

    Latto Reveals Health Scare Prevented Her From Promoting "The Biggest"


    Latto, who recently retired her Mulatto stage name, has revealed that a serious health scare prevented her from promoting her new single, "The Biggest."


    The 22-year-old debuted her new name along with her new record on Friday, May 21st. The song takes aims at social media critics who have scrutinized her for many reasons, including her name and her rhymes. Aside from the initial announcement, "The Biggest" arrived with little social media promotion, and Latto eventually took to Twitter to explain why she was silent surrounding her single release. 


    "Y'all don't even know I been in the ER & wasn't able to promote 'The Biggest' myself but I'm feeling better & seeing all the support feels amazing," Latto wrote. 




    One Twitter user slammed the rapper's claims of being sick, stating that it was a "cover-up" for getting plastic surgery.  


    "I actually was in the ER for a serious health scare. I'm open about my surgeries this had nothing to do w that." 




    Thankfully, Latto seems to be on her way back to good health. Check out the visual for "The Biggest" below. 



    Blogged by @cakedupdrippedout