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    Lil Durk Slams Incorrect Net Worth Report

    • 1 min read

    Lil Durk Slams Incorrect Net Worth Report

    Rapper Lil Durk took to Instagram to slam reports that his net worth is in the low millions.

    On Saturday, the “Backdoor” star posted multiple photos rocking pricey jewels and Louis Vuitton boots with the caption, “They got my net worth 3 million who ever did that failed math class because I got that in Richards only.”





    Durk’s comment follows an article on celebrity net-worth predictor, Wealthy Gorilla, listing his net-worth as $3 million.

    Wealthy Gorilla was founded in April 2014 by Dan Western. They highlight the careers and financial status of many musicians, though it is unclear how they calculate the net worth. Since Durk’s post, the website has not been updated with a higher figure. 

    A net worth of $3 million does appear relatively low considering that Durk revealed he and Lil Baby made over $15 million from their tour last year. 

    Nevertheless, it looks like Durk is doing well financially, no matter how many millions he has.