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    Lil Wayne Has Announced New Young Money Album

    • 1 min read

    Lil Wayne Has Announced New Young Money Album

    Lil Wayne has announced that another Young Money compilation album is in the works to showcase the label's newest editions.

    "We about to put the compilation together with all the artists together on one album," Wayne revealed. "That sets up everything for everybody so they could start coming out with their solo projects as well," Weezy confirmed on Saturday's episode of Fox Sports Radio show Up On Game.

    The album will be Young Money's first joint project since 2014's "Rise of an Empire," which showcased his brightest acts Drake and Nicki Minaj. That project spawned Drake's hit single, "Trophies," and Minaj's "Lookin' Ass."

    While there is no definitive date when the project will arrive on streaming platforms, fans are hopeful of receiving it before the year is up, considering that the New Orleans heavyweight's legal woes are behind him.

    The "Something You Forgot" rapper received a pardon in January from former President Donald Trump after pleading guilty to a federal weapons charge. His pardon, along with Kodak Black's, were just a few among a list of pardons that arrived shortly before Trump's exit from office.


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