Ludacris & His Daughter Land Their Own Animated Netflix Series, "Karma - Viral Media Boost

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    Ludacris & His Daughter Land Their Own Animated Netflix Series, "Karma's World"

    • 1 min read

    Ludacris and Karma

    Rapper Ludacris is teaming up with his oldest daughter, Karma, for an animated Netflix series.

    The show, titled "Karma's World," will arrive on the streaming giant by the end of 2021. The cartoon is inspired solely by 19-year-old Karma and will feature a children's soundtrack. The original music will educate and entertain kids while addressing body positivity, leadership, self-esteem, and discrimination. Luda says that while the series music will be geared towards children, "parents will probably like the songs even more than the children."

    In addition to the series itself, Karma will also have a hand in creating the accompanying tunes. The "Southern Hospitality" rapper revealed that he initially tried to deter his daughter from stepping in the booth. However, her persistence weighed on him.

    "It kicked off in terms of her coming into my studio and saying she wanted to rap, and I kind of kicked her out, but she was so insistent that one day I had to sit her down and have a father-daughter talk," the "Fast & Furious" star told USA Today. Eventually, he began to support her musical endeavors as long as she agreed to speak about real-life issues that were going on in the world.

    "Karma's World" is just one of Netflix's new family and children offerings that will arrive on the platform this year.


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