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    Rapper Young Dolph Killed In Memphis Shooting

    • 1 min read

    Rapper Young Dolph Killed In Memphis Shooting

    Hip-hop has been dealt another devastating blow with the murder of Memphis legend Young Dolph.


    The “Get Paid” rapper was shot to death on Wednesday while visiting Makeda’s Butter Cookies in his hometown. Witnesses said when Dolph walked into the shop, a vehicle drove up, and someone in it began opening fire on the rapper. 


    News of his death quickly spread, with fans flocking to the scene to livestream the chaos, some of which captured images of what appears to be the 36-year-old’s lifeless body still inside the bakery. Many people were seen crying, while others called for peace in South Memphis.


    At this time, it remains unclear what led to the shooting or if police have any persons of interest in the case. 


    In the wake of his death, fellow artists expressed their condolences, including long-time friend Gucci Mane, who said the news broke his heart. 




    Memphis police are pleading with the city not to seek revenge in response to Dolph’s death.


    “Tonight, we strongly encourage everyone to stay home if you don’t have to be out,” MPD Chief Cerelyn “C.J.” Davis stated during a press briefing. “We also strongly encourage everyone to remain calm as we actively perform our investigation.” City leaders have also called for a curfew to go into effect as they continue to expect retaliatory violence.


    We will continue to bring you updates as this story develops. 


    Rest in peace, Young Dolph.


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