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    Nardo Wick Says Robbing Paid More Than Regular Job 

    • 2 min read

    Nardo Wick Says Robbing Paid More Than Regular Job 

    Nardo Wick says he never worked a 9 to 5 job because committing robberies was much more profitable.


    The "Who Want Smoke" superstar sat down with the "Big Facts Podcast," where he detailed how he was making money pulling stick-ups before his hit record took over the world. 


    "I would just look at it like I would go rob a n—- and get this much, why would I go to work," Nardo revealed. "But you got to think, for real though, if I go do this to somebody and get $7,000 or $5,000, why I'm finna go to work for two weeks and make $500, hell nah."





    After the admission, social media was buzzing, which caused the 19-year-old to speak out about his comments. However, instead of backtracking, Nardo explained that he was forced to resort to robbery as a means of survival.


    "A product of my environment. My mama had just come home from prison and it was a hard time for us and we ain't have nothing. I would never tell or try to convince a young Black man or anyone period to crash out! I changed my life and started taking rapping serious because I knew that I wouldn't make it if I kept doing what I was doin," he wrote.




    Nardo Wick isn't the first rapper to have a rough past. All that matters is that he has matured and embarked on a profitable rap career that will undoubtedly propel him forward.


    Catch Nardo Wick's full interview below.


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