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    Rapper Fredo Bang Arrested In Miami

    • 1 min read

    Rapper Fredo Bang Arrested In Miami


    Rapper Fredo Bang was jailed in Miami on Thursday on a parole violation. 


    Law enforcement raided his Miami Lakes home, locating multiple weapons inside as well as a stolen vehicle parked in the driveway.


    At this time, it's unknown if the raid on the opulent Miami mansion had anything to do with law officials previously publicly announcing that both Fredo and fellow rapper Lit Yoshi were being investigated in connection with a May 2019 shooting that targeted rapper NBA YoungBoy. While their rival was not injured, his girlfriend and three bystanders were harmed, and an innocent bystander was tragically killed. 


    Lit Yoshi was arrested the day before Fredo on a warrant outside Louisiana for attempted murder. 


    Both rappers remain behind bars. 


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