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    SINGLES VS. EPs: What Should You Release?

    • 3 min read

    SINGLES VS. EPs: What Should You Release?

    The music industry is currently undergoing drastic changes just like any other industry at this time. Artists all over are trying to keep up with this new phase. Due to the pandemic, the way people listen to music is changing continuously, and it is being reshaped by technology and the lockdown. In this article, we analyze if music singles are better than releasing an EP.

    Every artist is doing what he can to remain inbusiness. No one wants to be left behind. Finding your new guide to relevance in order to prevent being left out should be the top of your priority.

    Between Releasing Singles and EPs

    Releasing singles can be a lot cheaper and probably more efficient too, because you focus all your time and resources in creating one song, there is a better chance for it to come out great; this is why releasing singles has always been the best for young musicians.

    Also, having your singles being released one at a time will help your name be in the front of your followers, and it also helps you to make use of trends really well. You can end up releasing multiple singles a year, and help engage your fans regularly.

    A guide for upcoming artists

    The days where people turn to album launches to be entertained are over. Everyone searching for new music would prefer singles over anything else. If the song they find pleases them, then they look for other songs by the same artists. This way, young independent artists could make use of singles to keep their fans engaged as this is one of the best ways to stay afloat. Things may be a little different for more popular artists.

    As an artist, the first you should do is to set goals. Tell yourself what you want to achieve when you release your next song. Have specific goals and be reasonable too with your answers. One of such reasonable goals could be to get 1000 followers or get 10,000 streams.

    As soon as you make that goal reasonable, all you have to do is for you to release that song that you feel can meet that goal. Do all in your power to make the song succeed. Have your music video ready, create memes, and promote the song on your mailing lists. If you have any promotional tactic up your sleeves, pull them out and use it, as far you are not doing something fraudulent. Do all that is within your reach to push that song to the limelight.

    Review your goals time and time again; you could do this every other week after your song has been released. You should also assess if you can meet those goals with the song released. If you are certain with all factors available that you cannot meet those goals with this song, then you should go ahead and release another song. Make the same promotional efforts for this song too, just as you did for the first one. You could add any new ideas you have too.

    As soon as you meet your goals, you should go to the next step of packaging your songs together. You can pair three of your popular singles, add three additional new tracks and release them as EP. Doing it this way helps you to capitalize on the popularity of the singles to give your fans new tracks to enjoy.

    The above plan may not be the same for famous artists. Those who have large followings can keep their attention by giving their new listener's new songs while engaging the older fans. Hence they can get more benefit from sharing EPs instead of singles. They have the name, and a large following, this is already an advantage for them unlike upcoming artists.

    The best way for you to go ahead is to map out a clear plan for yourself and your fans; this way, you are focused and not just motivated by anything-goes. Your progress will be marked when you know where you are as an artist, your fans, and what you want to accomplish; if you can understand this, then you have already placed yourself ahead.