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    Some Ace Hip Hop Songs That Make the Perfect Home Poker Game Soundtrack

    • 3 min read

    Some Ace Hip Hop Songs That Make the Perfect Home Poker Game Soundtrack

    With the coronavirus, the world has been on lockdown for more than a month. This lockdown has affected every part of the world, including poker and many other significant events in the US. Some other poker tournaments that were scheduled to hold in the UK have been postponed till 2021.

    However, the lockdown has not prevented you from doing anything you love to do; it just only makes you have a rethink. There is an opportunity to enjoy your poker games online. You can take off this opportunity if you download the PokerStars or use any of the several online casinos there are.

    The fun about having a poker game is that you have the opportunity to pick the kind of tunes you want. There is the opportunity for you to select excellent hip hop songs that can give you an exciting soundtrack as you play your game at home.

    Aim- ‘Cold Water Music’

    Incredible soundtracks will need you to have an excellent intro, which is precisely what is available with this song. The watery ambient will get your attention, and it is perfect for your mind to focus as you play your game.

    Jedi Mind Tricks- ‘Put Em In The grave.’

    As you get the first card, you must have your mind in the right place. It would help if you always remember why you are playing poker; you will have to win that is, put your opponents in the grave.

    Blackalicious- Alphabet Aerobics’

    A lot is at stake if you talk during poker, and one of the reasons is that talking can distract you from your own game. However, if you get the right chatter, you can have the right weapon for you to win. You can throw your opponent the wrong way if you have the right chatter. You should master this art just the way Blackalicious does it, only then can your voice become the sound of horror to your opponent.

    Nas- ‘The Message’

    Mastering how to talk during poker is not all of it. There is also the need to know the right message you pass across when talking. You have to see the kind of message to convey. This is important because if you are not in control of the message, then your opponents will exploit that opportunity to be on top. This is not a position you want to be in.

    Big Pun – ‘I’m Not A Player’

    With this, you give off the kind of appearance that is best for you to win. Mastering the poker table is key to winning, and only you can determine the right face or appearance that is suitable at a particular time. The best appearance is one that can convince your opponent that you are not a player.

    This way, you make the rest of the players at the table think you do not know what you are doing. Having this stance will allow you to exploit their complacency.

    Eminem- ‘As The World Turns’

    Almost everyone underestimated Eminem when he was young. But he proved everyone wrong. However, it would help if you did not go too far with this as you may lose some hands, and you sure don’t want to get tilted.

    2pac- ‘Life Goes On.’

    People who are not experts in poker will win some games, while some experts will also lose some. It is a simple reality because poker is a game that is driven by chance. Hence whenever you lose, you should remember that life goes on. Whether you do this by playing more hands or in another future match, it is your choice.

    Dr. Dre – ‘Still Dre’

    There are lots of reasons you should not get so depressed when you lose a game. One of them is that you are still the same player but with a fresh experience. You are still you but a higher version after the end of every tournament, whether lose or win.

    Wu-Tang Clan – ‘Cream’

    Poker is for fun, and this fun has a lot to do with creaming your hands with some cash. Go in there with the mind of having fun and getting paid for the fun.

    These tracks are great songs and will help you get several lessons that will help you win.