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    Starting your Music Career After 40 Years

    • 3 min read

    Starting your Music Career After 40 Years

    They say life begins at 40 so you shouldn’t be ashamed about developing an interest in music after 40 years, there are tons of musicians in the industry over the age of 40 and are doing well in their chosen career. The myth that a musician has to be young and vibrant to work is false because by 40+ years, you are already very good at your craft and you can be a fast-rising star in the music world.

    Here are some of the tips on starting your music career after 40 years:

    1.       Be Optimistic

    To be honest, this is the best time for you to make life changing decisions, where you want to be, what you want to do as it is never too late to start your music career after 40 years. Be positive and proactive and never lose that motivation no matter the many challenges that you may face especially getting ridiculed.

    Remember success without hard work is no success at all, so you have to brace yourself for a whole bunch of energy, happiness, strife and passion. Pay no mind to your wrinkled skin, believe in your inner self and soar to the peak of your musical career.

    1.       Practice Often

    Don’t just relax on your voice, you don’t want to end up being choked up on a cracked voice chord. What you have to do is to take up musical classes where you can train your voice and hone your skills. Being successful in the music industry does not happen overnight, learn how you can grow in the industry.

    Whatever your aspiration is if you want to teach music, playing instruments, manage artists, work for a musical instrument manufacturer or sell instrument, you can only be good at your game if you practise regularly. You will be amazed at how lucky you will get at the success you have achieved.

    1.       Promote Yourself

    Social networking is helping a lot of people push their brands from the comfort of their homes. You connect with your audience and let them fall in love with you. While promoting your talent, be yourself and don’t try to be perfect because nobody is perfect.

    It is okay to make mistakes but don’t be laid back on your failures. Make use of social media channels to upload your music content. You can also perform gigs and live shows at every opening that you may find. It is a journey so you have to brace yourself for the journey ahead. Always ask for help and clarification if you are finding it difficult to navigate the digital world.

    1.       Learn the Art of Owning Your Music

    One of the best ways of earning your interest from your music is by registering your music under the law and performing rights societies. Once this is done, you will be able to control your earnings and monitor infringements. This is one of the basis of ensuring that you are paid for your talent.

    Get a license for your music whether you are a performing or non-performing artist and you will grow your earnings each time your music is played on TV, radio or streamed online. 

    1.       Understand the Law

    It is not only attorneys that know the law, you can also learn about the law on your own. This gives you an edge over fraudulent attempts. Create time out of your schedule to gain knowledge about entertainment law and its provisions. So, if you must go into the music industry, it is advisable that you understand the legal aspect of the industry.

    1.       Be Consistent

    You will face so many challenges, but you have to stay on course and push through the hurdles by being consistent. You are allowed to take breaks due to health concerns, but your reason should not be that you have tried so many times without any result. Be proactive and never lose focus on your dreams.

    1.       Networking and Community Oriented

    Be an active communicator and don’t shy away from showing people your musical talent. This would help you build a quality relationship with the people around you and have them give you feedback about your performance.

    Also learn from other people who are in the industry as well because there is always a new thing you can pick from their style of music.

    Starting a music career after 40 years does not mean that you are not thinking right. Instead it shows that you are willing to take on your passion and live the dream that you’ve always wanted. Jumpstart your music career and live your best life in the music world.