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    T.I. Tries His Hand At Stand-Up Comedy

    • 1 min read

    T.I. Tries His Hand At Stand-Up Comedy

     Rapper T.I. has conquered hip-hop, fashion, reality television, and now, the music mogul is ready to tackle comedy.

    On Thursday, a viral video began sweeping the net showing the "Top Back" rapper performing stand-up at a comedy club. In the two-minute clip, T.I.P. delivers a funny routine about infidelity, an area that he has been rumored to be well-versed in. 

    The routine wasn't too bad for a first-timer, getting a few laughs from the crowd. However, it is unclear if the Grammy Award-winning rapper will take his new gig seriously or if it is just for fun. T.I. has been enjoying semi-retirement after the cancellation of his VH1 reality series "T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle" and the postponement of his "Expeditiously Podcast" following sex assault claims. Though it appears that his legal battles are over, it remains to be seen if his professional life will ever fully recover from the accusations. 

    For now, let's enjoy T.I. cracking jokes and lending his voice to social causes on social media. Check out his stand-up debut below.