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    Ten Lessons You can Learn from Jay-Z’s and Eminem’s Humble Beginning

    • 4 min read

    Ten Lessons You can Learn from Jay-Z’s and Eminem’s Humble Beginning

    As an artist, you must get motivation from the right source. If you have the right mentor in your career, it can place you on the right footing anywhere you want to be. You also have to set your priorities right. Only then can you set yourself up for rapid progress in your career. In this article, we are going to look at the lives of Jay-Z and Eminem and some lessons you can learn from them to spur yourself to success.

    1. Jay-Z survived racism

    Jay-Z is an artist that has risen to prominence at a time when many people didn’t expect blacks to get to stardom. As black, he faced lots of racial discrimination when he started. He pushed beyond all these and tried to make an impact on his career. Ever since then, Jay-Z has been championing several human right causes in the United States with his Roc Nation organization. If he could survive racism, then you too can do well in a not-so-friendly political or social environment.

    1. Go against all odds

    Eminem has his birth name as Marshall Mathers. He dropped out of school and began staying in a trailer. It was from here that he attended all his performance, working, and writing. Usually, he faced discrimination from blacks who lived around him. But since he was gifted and good at rapping, he was soon accepted in any environment he showed up in. Eminem is an excellent example of an artist that began rapping against all the odds. No matter your circumstance, be determined to keep pushing forward. No condition is permanent.

    1. Begin with what you have

    As an upcoming artist, you should always do what you have to do with what you have - begin with what you have. Do not have this idea of starting out when things are better. Start now. Eminem was living in a trailer with his high-school girlfriend named Kim when he started performing. You don’t need to live in an exotic house, you don’t need to wear the finest of clothes or some expensive jewels. Start with what you have and keep doing your thing.

    1. Help will always come

    Eminem kept singing till his track got the attention of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. No matter what you do, keep doing it until your skill get the attention of those who can help you gain relevance in your field.

    Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine were of Interscope Records; they helped Eminem get the fame he currently enjoys today. Eminem wouldn't have been this famous if he allowed the difficulties and financial restraints he had then to stop him from pursuing his career. Go out there and be your best.

    1. Challenges will come but keep pushing

    No one would think that being investigated by the secret service is a good thing. Eminem in one of his songs got some attention from the secret service; this led to his investigation. But it never stopped his flow, his passion, and what he stood for.

    “I don’t rap for dead presidents, I will instead see the president dead, it never been said, but I set precedents” that was the lyrics that made the secret service investigate him which is a standard practice to investigate all threats to the president.

    But then in another song, titled MOSH, he was able to still speak against the actions of the then-president Bush. But this time more articulately and less violently. Obviously, this is something that not many musicians have to courage to do. DARE TO BE UNCONVENTIONAL, it may be what will take you to the spotlight.

    1. Be known for something

    Eminem, notwithstanding the Secret Service investigation, kept to his beliefs. As a young artist, you can learn to stand for something no matter what comes your way. You can learn to be consistent, and this will help how your fans follow you.

    1. Spend less, Invest more

    Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) has over the years invested in different high paying businesses. He did not lavish his funds leisurely on things that won’t pay him in the long run. His fortune is cut across different companies. This is something you can emulate from him as a young artist. Invest your earnings, don’t spend everything.

    1. Have a standard

    Jay Z grew up in Marcy Projects, which is a housing complex. He soon went into music and released a list of songs that were award-winning for the next two decades. Jay-Z had a standard for himself, releasing quality albums routinely was his goal and he got it right from the start.

    1. Have an entrepreneurial mindset

    Jay-Z learned that the best way to make wealth is to invest instead of promoting frivolity; this helped him get his billionaire status today. He purchased Tidal. After this, he relaunched the product. Tidal is worth about $100 million currently. He has not just been a musician but a smart businessman. He had learned diversity early and has used it to his advantage.

    1. Be focused

    In all you do as a young artist, you should ensure that you are focused. You should be smart enough to notice that Jay-Z and Eminem did not stay away from their art. Hence all you need right now is to be focused and stay focused.

    Always do your best, and stop at nothing till you become who you want to be, and don’t stop keeping on, UNTIL YOU DIE!