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    The Remarkable Thing That Shot Usher to The Limelight

    • 3 min read

    The Remarkable Thing That Shot Usher to The Limelight

    Usher had so many low points while growing up. He was able at an early age to enter for several singing competitions. This helped him get the trust of many of his fans. His song titled confessions which was released in 2004 actually brought him to the limelight. The song sold almost 20 million copies worldwide.

    Usher also had loads of awards; he had eight Grammy awards to his name. Several factors made Usher stand out.

    1. Consistency

    Usher stayed through to music and never relented. At age 10, Usher registered for the R&B local quintet, which is called NuBeginnings. This shows how far back he had been consistent with singing. He continued from there to record ten songs with the group in 1991.

    Also, at age 13, Usher met A.J Alexander, who was at a show in Atlanta. From then on, he took Usher around, making him perform in parking lots and several talent shows. Alexander was the line through which Usher gained publicity. He invited lots of representatives, including those from A&R, to come to watch Usher perform on television.

    Usher later had his mother leave her job to manage his singing career after signing a record label for L.A Reid.

    1. Fighting spirit

    Usher did not relent, and no matter his challenges, he was able to come out strong. Usher put his fighting spirit when he lost his voice as a result of a change in puberty. This fighting attitude made him get into the limelight.

    When Usher lost his voice, L.A Reid put his album on hold, trying to decide what to do with him. He was not sure about the skill of User. He even had a thought of removing him from the label. After Usher had pleaded to remain, L.A Reid sent him over to Puff Daddy.

    At Puff Daddy’s, Usher had to learn the hard way; according to an interview with Rolling Stone media, Usher stated that this was the hardest moments of his life where he had to decide which way was best for his life.

    1. Keeping focused

    All the hurdles he experienced did not make him turn out a good song. Yet he did not relent. Usher kept on pushing. His first debut album sold just 500,000 copies to date. The album was listed with lots of controversies because Usher just 15 sang about sex. The public had a hard time believing what was in the song. This was when his mom helped him focus more on talent shows to build his fan base. His performances in these shows helped him regain his trust from L.A Reid.

    Usher did not relent even after graduating from High school. He stayed through with singing, and he got a lot of accreditation or so.

    1. Diversify

    Usher is not just as a singer. He has also worked as a film and stage actor. He acted in a horror film in his teen in 1998. The film was titled THE FACULTY.

    User also had guest appearances on lots of TV shows. He got an appearance role in Marvin Gaye. He had also in 2005 played as a disc jockey in a film titled IN THE MIX. He got a lead role in the movie Broadway Play Chicago in 2006.

    Getting a lot of specialties makes you stand out, and Usher knew about this. He had his difficulties, but he never allowed them to affected his talent. Usher also got to be among the Judges in a popular singing competition called THE VOICE. This role was not ordinary, just as Usher had the opportunity to feature with Latin songstress Shakira.

    As the show went on, Usher got a particular spot in the eyes of the viewers because of his peculiar coaching style. Usher and Shakira remained as coaches and Judges till the sixth season.

    Usher, unlike many other musicians did not relent when he faced challenges. This are remarkable things that set him apart you can emulate that too.