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    Top 10 Rap and Hip Hop Facts for Youth

    • 3 min read

    Top 10 Rap and Hip Hop Facts for Youth

    Hip hop is not just new to the American community; it began in the 70s in the Jamaican-American community; although other communities have shown to have contributed to the growth of hip hop too but not as the Jamaican community. Other communities include the Latino American and African Americans. This music style has to do with combining rapid talking with rhythmic beats to tell a story.

    Hip hop and rap do not just pass along as a music genre, but they are also passing across as a culture of these combined communities. When these types of singing started, they were linked to these communities that started them, but now they have a more generalized view.

    1. Having a Voice

    The type of songs was used by these communities to speak up against the prejudiced against them. At their early stage, hip hop and rap songs were used to address inequalities, poverty, crime, and the marginalized African and Latino communities.

    2. Commercial Success

    Other music genres take a lot of time to catch on and get relevance; the rap and hip hop did not experience that kind of delay. The first successful albums were those of Rapper’s Delight, which was sung by The Sugar Hill Gang in 1979. Another album that did well again was The Breaks by Kurtis Blow in 1980.

    3. Truly Cross-cultural

    Ever since the rap and the hip hop song have become cross-cultural and would not only belong to the marginalized communities that originated them, presently, rap and hip hop enjoy great diversity that singers emerge from all kinds of ethnicity and backgrounds.

    4. It Explores Reality

    Some of the first rap groups will use music to explore and talk about their experiences and reality. Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, MC Ren, The Arabian Prince, Yella, and The D.O.C. all make up the N.W.A, used their team to talk about life on the streets. They explore topics ranging from gang violence to drugs.

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    5. You Will Face Some Backlash.

    As rappers talk more about realities and real problems, they faced increasing backlash. Some of their lyrics were misogynistic, some were violent, and others showed some aspect of racism. As a result of this free for all rap lines, a lot were calling for their censorship. Rap songs were found to contain many swear words, and a lot were blocked in mainstream radio.

    6. Successful producer

    This came many years after the onset of this type of music, rap and hip hop has produced many successful producers. And a well-known rap producer is Dr. Dre; he discovered artists such as 500 cents, Tupac, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg.

    7. Male-dominated

    At the initial stage, rap and hip hop were dominated by men. Men experienced a large amount of success, while women did not experience much because of several factors. But this is changing by the day as Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliot has seen much success in the rap and hip hop genre.

    8. Best-selling Album

    Rap and hip-hop have experienced tremendous success; hence a lot of people have had incredible record sales. The album that has made this title and currently holds it is not a recent song; rather, it is a 2003 album by Outkast titled Speakerboxx; it sold more than 510,000 copies in the first week of releasing it.

    9. Fears of Violence

    The rap and hip hop had many controversies, and the N.W released the song. A titled Fuck Tha Police. When it was released, a lot of persons thought the song would lead to violence against the police. The F.B.I. had to send a letter of warning to the company that produced it, Ruthless Records.

    10. Jail time

    A particular lifestyle is known with the song; a lot of rappers such as Lil Wayne, Tupac have been known to spend some time behind bars for reasons that related to gang violence and drugs. Hence as a student, what you should work at is getting an education first before going for your dream in rap and hip hop music.

    There has been a lot of development in rap and hip hop music since the 1970s. From being a cultural thing, it has moved to accommodate people of different backgrounds. You can become successful if you get your education before going rapping.