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    Travis Scott Is Ready to Get to the Bottom of Astroworld Tragedy

    • 2 min read

    Travis Scott Is Ready to Get to the Bottom of Astroworld Tragedy

    Rapper Travis Scott faced the catastrophic Astroworld festival head-on by breaking his silence in an exclusive interview with Charlamagne Tha God.

    The sit-down was posted on Thursday to the radio hosts' YouTube channel and showed a somber and seemingly nervous Scott speaking candidly about the November music festival that claimed the lives of ten fans.

    The "Sicko Mode" rapper and producer maintained that he had no idea attendees were being smothered and trampled to death while he performed on stage. In fact, he says that it was not until the press conference aired that he realized the magnitude of the situation.

    "I didn't know the exact details until, you know, minutes before the press conference. And even at that moment, you're kind of just like, 'Wait, what?'"

    When Charlamagne questioned who he felt should be held responsible for the deaths, Scott would only state that he wishes to figure out what went terribly wrong that night and prevent it from happening at his future shows.

    Concert-goers, staff working the event, and the families of the deceased have placed the majority of the blame on Scott and Live Nation. Fans have slammed Scott for promoting "raging" at his shows, which resulted in fans surging forward to the stage and crushing one another. However, in court, Scott has denied any legal liability in his mounting lawsuits.

    Many family members of those who passed away have declined Scott's offer to pay for funeral costs. He says that he understands their decision but is committed to making himself available for any resources they may need.

    Lawsuits against him, Live Nation, and even Drake, who performed at the show, are seeking billions of dollars in damages.


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