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    Tyga Launching OnlyFans Competitor, Myystar

    • 1 min read

    Tyga Launching OnlyFans Competitor, Myystar


    Following the news that OnlyFans will be banning all pornography content, Tyga has declared that he would be launching a new platform where adult creators can continue making a living.


    The “Rack City” rapper stated on Thursday that he would be removing his profile on OnlyFans following their updated terms. He told his fans that he would soon be launching a competitor platform called Myystar, allowing creators “to make content of their choice.”




    According to a press release, Ryder Ripps of OKFOCUS will assist Tyga with designing the platform. Visual artist Rafaël Rozendaal will contribute to the artwork of the site. Additionally, Myystar will only charge creators a 10% fee of their earnings, unlike OnlyFans, which charges 20%. Creators will also have the option to sell NFTs on their profiles.


    Speaking to Forbes, the 31-year-old said he wants to give adult content creators “hope” after OF decided to get rid of their sexual content.


    Anyone wanting to apply for Myystar may do so here, though it is unclear when the site will be launching officially.


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