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    What to do on Stage to Thrill the Crowd

    • 3 min read

    What to do on Stage to Thrill the Crowd

    Having a stage presence is important to every musician; it gives you a unique feel that you will not get without being there. When you get the opportunity to be on the stage as a musician, you should do things to get your fans and those present excited.

    As a musician, when you can appeal to your fans' senses, you have set yourself on a route for a successful music career. You should also understand the dynamics involved with interacting with crowds, although the same rule applies to all crowds, you should know when to tweak the rules a little for a specific kind of crowd.

    The first rule; use up space on the platform.

    Sometimes you can be shy, no problem with that. Almost everyone gets shy in the first few minutes. They climb the stage. You should take the time to move around when you are performing; the stage is for you, so you should use it.

    Don't leave out any section of the crowd unattended to. The stage you perform can have the crowd expecting you to show up at different angles and ensure you use them properly. Move out of the mic and interact with them. Just make the whole stage your playground.

    Move to the right side of the stage, go to the left side too, play with the audience there. It is not proper for you not to move around when you are on stage performing. Use up space; it is for you!

    Ensure you dress your path

    Dressing carries its mark too when you want to thrill your audience. The type of song you sing is important and how you dress for the show; if you want your audience to flow with your high-life spirit, you should ensure that your dress does justice to the flow.

    Ask yourself about the kind of dress that will make you unique when you come on stage. Just as was mentioned before, the type of song you sing will determine your dress pattern. You could also create a signature dress sense for your brand. This is recommended if you are lined for lots of stage performance. It will make your experiences memorable.

    Mind your shoes too; except you plan to be a clown, ensure your shoes are properly fitted and glistering. It will set you apart too.

    Eliminate silence

    Silence is a killer of shows; as much as possible, try to eliminate it from your show. You don't want to give the audience a break, and also you don't want the audience to see you as an amateur. For every silence that occurs while your show is going on, your audience loses some energy, and so does your relevance on stage.

    It would also help if you considered moving to the next song before the applause, and the scream dies down. So take advantage of the applause and the shouting during your songs to correct any mistake you have made and make any decision.

    You can also sing a song that is familiar with the audience so that they can sing along; this will make them involved in the show. It is okay to sing completely new songs, but try to add a few old familiar songs.

    Before you start your singing, ensure that the crowd is well entertained and synced with. Ensure that the crowd connects with you and not just two persons. They will remember your show better when they can remember playing an active part in the show.

    If you have more space on stage, you should try to make some jumps and some weird dancing with the crowd; as you do this, keep performing and singing. Don't let your extras distract you from doing the one thing that brought you on stage. Energy is everything when performing; don't let your energy reduce.


    Sometimes the audience can go quiet on you, and also you may not get enough applause, don't let this deter you when you are performing. Keep on singing, dancing, and moving around the stage; you will get the crowd hooked up. Every great and successful artist out there has their sad experiences on stage. Face the crowd and do your best.